Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Click the ask a question button. Start your question with either for the following; ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘why’. You ask a question to inquire about something so that other members on the platform can give you their responses. An example of a question is:
‘What do I need to consider before choosing the ideal location for my business?’

Step 2: Give context to your question, for example:
‘I am an events organiser, so far I have been working from home but I feel it's time to get an office where I can meet with clients. What are some of the factors that I need to consider before deciding on the ideal location?’

Step 3: Select a category for example the category for this question is:
Offices and housing

Step 4: Click submit and the question will appear on your feed.

Step 1: Click the make offer button. Insert the title of your offer, for example:
‘Need a logo designed?’

Step 2: Highlight additional details about your offer for example;
‘I am offering to design company logos at 30% discount for the first 10 people who respond to this offer.’

Step 3: Indicate the original price (How much you normally charge for this service) and the current offer (How much you are charging now as a discount).

Step 4: Select start date and end date. Here you indicate how long your offer will run.

Step 5: Select a category for example the category for this offer is; Product

Finally: Submit and your offer will appear on your feed.

Please note: You can not post a company update if you have not created a company profile.

Step 1: Select a company profile. Here you select the company that is making the offer. In case you have created more than one company profiles you will need to select one.

Step 2: Insert the title of the opportunity for example:
‘I am looking for a caterer’

Step 3: Give more details about the opportunity for example;
‘I need catering services for our end of year party which will be held in two weeks. We are looking to have about 50 people. If you are eligible please send your quotation to this email: [email protected]

Step 4: Say who is eligible for this opportunity for example;
‘Must be reliable and have at least 1 years of experience in catering.’

Step 5: Indicate the timeline. How much time are you giving people to apply for this opportunity? Make sure you put the start date and the end date.

Step 6: Select the category for example the category for this opportunity is; Hiring. The final step is to submit and your offer will appear on your feed.

Users earn merits if they;

  • Registers an account- 10 points
  • Creates a profile either personal/company- 10 points
  • Invites a member into a company- 5 points
  • Member accepts invitation- 5 points
  • Member creates a post either ask a question/ post an offer- 5 points
  • Member comments on someone else's post- 3 points
  • Member upvotes or downvotes- 3 points

You will receive notifications on your email every time someone engages with your post for example; When someone provides an answer to your question, upvotes or downvotes your question or answer etc.

There are 3 membership plans; Corporate, Bronze and Student. The current membership plan is Bronze. We will update the rest in time. The costs are as follows, you can choose to pay Monthly which is; 1000, Semi-annually; 5000 or annually; 8000

After signing up you will have a free trial period of 2 weeks. After that you will be unable to access any features on the platform. At this point any action you perform on the platform will open a pop-up for you to view and select the plan that you want. Click on the plan that you want to initiate payment. Before you select your subscription please ensure you have enough money on your M-pesa. A PIN request will be sent to your phone to approve payment. You will then receive a confirmation on email that payment has been received and your subscription has been activated.

The length of your billing cycle will depend on the type of subscription that you chose when you sign-up for the service ie; Monthly, Semi annually and Annually. For instance if you choose the monthly payment option; You will renew your subscription at the exact date of your signup date the following month. In some cases your payment date may change, for example if your Payment Method has not successfully settled or if your paid membership began on a day not contained in a given month. You will receive a notification 5 days to the subscription expiry to remind you to renew your subscription.

Contact the Mwanzo support team through this email address: or you can call us through this number: 0790492467